Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does a Reiki session last for?
A. 40 mins to 1hour depending on the treatment.

Q. Do i have to remove any clothes?
A. No -you will need to remove your shoes only.
    Reiki is always done fully clothed.

Q. What should i feel during a Reiki Session?
A.  Everyone is different and so you shouldnt expect          to feel what others do.
    Common sensations are Heat,Tingling and Even           Stomach Rumbling!-You may feel nothing,but you         will feel very relaxed and De-stressed after a                    treatment.Some people fall asleep!

Q.  How Many treatments do i need?
A.  Generally three sessions will help most problems.
     Some people enjoy Reiki so much they want it                 regularly,as it helps to provide a relaxing time out         away from the stress of modern living.